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The history of the Rosenlöcher company started in the fifties. Already back than Rosenlöcher produced pet food and the company developed quickly as a brand producer on the field.

In 1964 the founder, Mr. Kurt Rosenlöcher, handed the company over to his son Siegmund Rosenlöcher. During the years following a lot of new pet food products were developed and sold in specialist shops all over Germany as well as in other European countries. In autumn 1998 Siemund Rosenlöcher decided to sell his old established family enterprise to younger investors.

The new young company management kept the basic orientation; however intensified the Rosenlöcher brand with fresh modern products and a new look packing. Thus the trading- and manufacturing company developed in a short time to a pure producer of high-quality and market-driven pet food.

Since 1st of January 1995 all activities are operated from the new, modern commercial building at a business park located in Dohna, Saxony, because after the reunion of East and West Germany the three old buildings in Dresden-Zschachwitz pointed out as far too small. On a 1500 square meter area a new factory-, stock- and office building arose, armed with modern manufacturing facilities and a space of appr. 600 shelves! The additional area of 5000 square meters allows enlargement in the future. In October 2010 a new light construction hall for 100 pallets was built in order to handle incoming and outgoing goods.

The supply of customers is handled via the logistic system which also enables a comprehensive and reliable service for old and new trade partners nationwide as well as to overseas.

The success of the Rosenlöcher company is and will always be based on the production of high-quality and species-appropriate animal food with the ambition to feed them in the most natural and healthy way.